News Release


              1,800 Sets of Modular Transitional Houses Manufactured by CIMC were Transformed into Isolation Rooms to Help Hong Kong Fight the COVID-19


              Recently, the epidemic situation in Hong Kong has become increasingly serious. Hong Kong Government recently announced that the newly built "Tongxin Village" transitional housing project in Tung Tau, Yuen Long (hereinafter referred to as Tongxin Village) will be requisitioned urgently for renovation and it will be used as a community isolation facility to accommodate an estimate of more than 3,600 quarantined people.

              CIMC Modular Building Systems Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CIMC Modular Building) provided 2,076 residential building modules for the project, all of which have been previously delivered and hoisted. As the core supplier of the project, CIMC Modular Building Systems is currently supporting the relevant renovation work of the isolation facilities. It is expected that all of them will be delivered to the Hong Kong Government in mid-March for anti-epidemic isolation.

              In addition, the isolation and quarantine centers (120 units) previously built by CIMC Modular Building Systems, such as Hong Kong Penny's Bay 3A (857 units) and Pat Heung Juvenile Police Training Center, have also been put into use. At present, CIMC Modular Building Systems is still mobilizing all strength and resources to actively undertake part of the construction tasks of the permanent community isolation and treatment facility project in Hong Kong. CIMC Modular Building Systems races against time to create high-quality projects with high standards and continues to make contributions to Hong Kong's anti-epidemic work.